Saturday (12/10. 2-4pm)

Sunday (12/11, 2-4pm)

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Seed Planting

Saturday December 10th at 1:00 PM to start herb seeds.

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Board Meetings

First Tuesday of every month.

Accuweather's forecast for December

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Reminder: Deadline for Fall Season Service Hours Is 12/31.

The deadline for completing fall season service hours is December 31 - just three weeks away. A review of the Green Binder database shows, as of 12/7, over 700 required service hours still need to be worked or logged. Gardeners are billed for unworked required service hours (TSBVI - $50, Regular - $20 for first two, $10 for others). Gardeners should check the Green Binder on the Sunshine Gardens website for both their required hours and the number recorded. Gardeners should keep in mind that the last two Saturdays in December (12/24 and 12/31) are Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

WINTER WORKDAY - All Service Hours are due 12-31-2016!!!

  • Bundle up and come out to Sunshine for one or both workdays this weekend.
  • Get your hours done and meet others in the community!
  • Short but sweet!
    • Saturday 12/10 from 2-4pm...ideally, please arrive for a 2pm group start
    • Sunday 12/11 from 2-4pm...ideally, please arrive for a 2pm group start
    • Water, hot coffee, tea and hot spiced apple cider will be provided
    • Please feel free to bring holiday cookies or treats to share either day
  • Both TBVSI and Regular Hours tasks will be available.
  • Due to the holidays, THESE ARE LAST TWO WORK DAYS of 2016!
  • Gardeners are encouraged to check the Virtual Green Binder at the web site to see if they need any hours for fall season deadline. Be sure and record any hours worked.
  • Reminder: There are financial penalties for failing to completing your required hours.

Even if you have met your requirements, Sunshine always appreciates work "over and above" so come on out!

A list of tasks that to be performed can be found at Service Hours Guide

More Service Hours Opportunities:

Calling All HERBinites!

Saturday, December 10th, 1 pm

Hey gardeners! Do you love putting tiny seeds in pots of soils? If so, this is an opportunity for you to fulfill that desire as well as help the garden prepare for the Spring Plant Sale. We will be meeting in the Sunshine greenhouse on Saturday December 10th at 1:00 PM to start herb seeds. Please contact Jennifer Woertz at if you are interested in helping. Herb seeds, soil, and fresh air will be provided!

Holiday Potluck a Success!!!

We gave the TSBVI a donation of $3,800 - the total net income from the Fall Plant Sale. We also presented a pass-along donation of $250 to All Blind Children of Texas. This is the amount of the donation we received from the Irex Foundation earlier this year.

More pictures can be found on the Picture Page

Volunteer Needed

A new opportunity to help. One of our members has arranged for us to pick up some of the food waste from Central Market on North Lamar. "We could start picking up from the kitchen/coffee bar area. This would entail picking up 5 gallon buckets of compostables (I think It would be about 4 per day to start with). Most of this would be coffee grounds, and cut fruits left over from the previous day...Pickup would need to be around 9, by 10 at the latest."

If you are interested, it seems like this opportunity is available most days. Our compost will thank you. Please contact Janet Adams at

Interesting Websites

Everybody has heard of the "Old Farmer's Almanac", but have you ever visited their website? Tons of good information.

Another good resource is TAMU horticulture.

If you have an interesting website to share, please send the link to

Tomato Tasting Results

Compare the taste and texture of tomatoes over the past years



2014 Results sorted alphabetically (.pdf)

2014 Results sorted by taste and looks (.xls)

Results from 2013 Tomato Tasting (.pdf)

Results from 2012 Tomato Tasting (.xls)

Gardeners' Picture Page

If you have pictures you want to share on the Sunshine web site Sharon has created a new feature that will allow you to do this.

Navigate to the upload page to upload your pictures.

Go to the Gardener's picture page to see the pictures. Click to see a larger view of each picture.

Problems/Comments? Contact Sharon at Thanks.

News Article

The Garden That Gives Together By Zoe Erler, The Philanthropic Enterprise

Watch video of the March-in on March 5.

Courtesy Berkley Bettis

Sunshine Updates

Updated Texas A & M AgriLife Vegetable Planting Schedule

Last year a new vegetable planting guide was published. Of note, tomatoes transplants can be planted the last week of February. Gardeners, watch the forecasts and plant at your own risk.

What Vegetables Grow Well Together

Many times I'm talking to fellow gardeners and am asked "Do you do companion gardening?" Well, yes and no. I subscribe to the theory that "If it tastes good cooked or served together, then it should be able to be grown together". My gardening neighbor tried to grow pole beans with onions on the outside of the beans and swore he'd never do that again because he did not get any beans. I do plant an overabundance of onions around my tomatoes and peppers, but only because there is empty space on the outside. By the time the onions are ready to be taken up (early-mid May), the tommies are just starting to go strong, so no energy is wasted growning the two together. Besides, alliums are supposed to be good bug repellants.

As I was searching for a particular webpage, I came across this article which explains in more detail the ins and outs of companion planting.

(If you come across an article you would like to share, please send the link and maybe an explanation or anecdote to Thanks.)

Pictures of Fall Transplanting

Video from the Plant Sale 2015 -- courtesy Berkley Bettis

2014 Tomato Test Plot Results

Welcome to Sunshine Community Gardens' website

Please feel free to contribute recipes, hints, pictures, links, comments or anything else you feel that will help this website become a gardener's reference and home.

Send email to Sharon at

Sunshine's Compost/Recycling Operations

Do you want to recycle leaves, grass clippings, or vegetable kitchen waste? You are welcome to bring this material to Sunshine Gardens and deposit it in the appropriate clearly marked pile.

Please empty your collection containers (another opportunity, to recycle) for reuse.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept twigs, branches, or logs as we have no way to deal with them as nature cannot break them down quickly enough given our limited space.

Also, we can't accept florist waste. We try to subscribe to organic practices and avoid herbicides and fungicides and preservatives. We don't know what the flowers are treated with but if and only if, it contains none of the above then you are welcome to dump it in our compost pile.

Thanks to the generosity of QuestionPro and its powerful Survey Software platform, we are able to collect responses and distribute vital information to participants.

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