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SCG All-Hands Meeting

March 2, Friday, 4:45


Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of every month.

Minutes from Board Meeting
May 6, 2014
at 6PM at Michael Hall's house

Present: Ila Falvey, Janet Adams, Jack Reynolds, Kay McMurry, Michael Hall

Two positions on board are vacant: Secretary and director-at-large

Call to order. Minutes from last Board meeting presented and adopted.

Old Business:

Fence/gate: Janet reports that it is difficult to get ANYONE to return calls for estimate. Suggestions include Autogate and to talk to "handyman" James Smith.

ACGA: Joined for $100/year. Will be listed on website, Ila's email as contact.

I live here, I give here: Tried to join but attempts online with Ila and Sharon Rempert did not produce membership. Ila spoke with someone in the organization and they will contact us when memberships open again.

Tree of Life sculpture: no new news on that.

New Business:

Tree trimming: Suggested that we hire a tree professional to trim trees at trailer and near chicken coop. Ila and Michael will research/observe need.

Annual Tomato Tasting event: Two potential dates, June 7 or 14. Michael wants to invite "personalities" as honorary judges as PR for the garden and plant sale. Will invite John Aeilli from KUTX and Cecelia Nasti from "Growing Concerns."

Site Rules informational meetings: Scheduled for May 17 and May 19. Members of Site Rules committee will be present to answer questions and explain changes.

TSBVI update: Ila and Janet met with Nicole to discuss plans for the summer and also plans for the fall plant sale. Nicole is interested in trying seeds for fall plants. Janet contacted Cathy Slaughter at Gabriel Valley Farms for advice. Plan to meet again before school is out.

Nominations for the Board for election in May: Nomination committee is Scott Morris, Jody Trendler, Kathleen Cobb, and Adriana Prileou according to email sent out by Jack McEvoy in May of 2013. Kathleen has withdrawn from the committee.

Crestview neighborhood potential park and community garden: Jack Reynold's motion: I move that we announce we are not considering leaving our current location on Sunshine Drive but we are committed to encouraging community gardens in additional locations. To that end, we are investigating donating some of our resources and expertise to assist proposed new community garden locations in Austin. Seconded and unanimously approved.

Telephone: We have been paying about $37/month for cell phone service. It is rarely used and never answered. Most calls are automated. Voted to terminate service.

Annual meeting: to be held on May 31. Vote to ratify Site Rules changes. Election of four Board members: Secretary and three Directors-at-large.

Meeting adjourned.

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