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March 2, Friday, 4:45


Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of every month.

Minutes from Board Meeting, January 6, 2015

Members Present: Ila Falvey, Janet Adams, Kay McMurry, Jack Reynolds, Michael Hall, Ginny Heilman

Old Business:

  • Garden handbook revisions- tabled until next time due to time constraints. Janet will re-email the proposed changes for board members to review prior to the next meeting. The board reviewed and approved the revised new member letter prepared and presented by Janet.
  • Education committee - The committee has met once. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 7. Shannon Posern, David Dasso, Elizabeth Breston, and Kurt Mitschke are the committee members.
  • Compost - The compost is cooking. One pile is ready to be harvested. Janet will put up a sign indicating where harvesting can begin. We continue to have a problem with garbage in compost.
  • Trailer Repair - A trailer repair person met with Janet. Janet took him around the trailer to discuss repairs that need to be done. He estimated $7000-$10,000 for the requested repairs. The Board voted to go ahead and get a formal estimate from him and proceed with the repairs. Janet will contact him. If we act quickly, he can start soon since this is a slower time of year for him.
  • Greenhouse Repair - The glass on the door needs to be replaced before the plant sale. Ila will call Victor to check on the repair. The greenhouse will be used for the pass along plants for the plant sale. More pea gravel is needed, too. Michael will check on obtaining the pea gravel.
  • Compost Tea Generator - We are waiting for Charlotte to provide more information. The compost tea generator is enclosed, so mosquitoes won't be a problem.

New Business:

  • Tools/weed eaters/tree puller - The question is, do we need the tree puller? It doesn't work along fence line, which is where we need it, however it works well in open areas. The board authorized Kay to spend up to $200 on a tree puller which will be kept in the locked tool shed. Gardeners will be able to use it. We are waiting for a report from Cheryl on weed eaters. We need some that are easy to use and are reliable.
  • Rabbits - Stewart is still catching rabbits.
  • Zone Coordinators - No input from the zone coordinators.
  • Renewing plots for gardeners who have not gardened recently - Issue tabled until board distinguishes between plots out of compliance and those who are idle.
  • Community Garden Letter - Valerie French wrote a reflection on what it means to be a community garden. The board approved Ila's sharing with all gardeners.
  • Plant Sale - Michael reports things are in line for the March sale. He requested the list of varieties of plants that have been ordered so the list can be publicized prior to the sale. John Dromgoole is ready to help publicize. Bob Easter is doing the advertising. Banners have been repaired. Two volunteers have agreed to run the silent auction. Vendors will be contacted to donate items for the silent auction.
  • Replace Linda - The board received the resignation of Linda Francesone due to her moving out of state. A motion was made and passed to add the position to the May election for a one year board term.
  • Letter from LCRA - No more grants will be available from the group. Sunshine has received grant monies from the group in the past.
  • Bills for hours/plot fees - The board moved to excuse any regular service hour fee totals less than $10.
  • Water Station - This needs to be completely redone; it's not just rotten wood.
  • TSBVI Volunteer Form - Completed and returned to Ila.

Next board meeting: February 17, 2015.

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