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Minutes from Board Meeting, June 9, 2015

Members Present: Jeff Monks, Jim Willman, Kay McMurry, Shannon Posern, Carol Limaye, Michael Hall, Ginny Heilman

Old Business:

  • Plant Sale Updates/Considerations:
    • Michael reported that he's waiting for the preliminary designs for the new sign to be hung across Lamar next spring before the Plant Sale. Kathleen Cobb will arrange for the permit with the city.
    • Carol Limaye will look into the cost of turning off the gas in the greenhouse to save some money.
    • Discussion was held regarding whether the plant sale layout needs to be changed to improve customer flow at the plant sale.
  • TSBVI:
    • Jeff spoke with Bill Daughterty, superintendent of TSBVI. Mr. Daughtery encourages Sunshine to do more with the TSBVI greenhouse. The board agreed that Sunshine should continue to support the fall TSBVI plant sale.
    • Kay will talk to Janet about continuing to be the liaison between Sunshine and TSBVI.
  • Tomato Tasting
    • Saturday, June 13. Kay is in charge. Help is needed to prepare the tomatoes for tasting.

New Business:

  • Carol will prepare a budget for the calendar year. This will then provide an opportunity to address major projects that need to be done around Sunshine.
  • Kay reported that one plot by the chicken coop is being shaded by trees. She asked if we could trim down the trees to reduce the shade so that plot can remain viable. Jeff will check on the degree of shading and follow up on trimming, if that's a possible option.
  • Sunshine received a Commercial Facility Irrigation Evaluation letter from the city stating we need to schedule an inspection by November 30. Carol will contact Stewart to have him check with the city to see if this applies to us since we do not use an irrigation system and arrange for the inspection, if required.
  • Jeff reported that a gardener asked us to implement an invasive plant rule. The board felt a new rule is unnecessary since the site rules already address maintaining pathways and containing plants within a plot.
  • June 30 is the cut-off date for performing and recording service hours for the current growing season.
  • One new lawnmower shuts off after being used for awhile. Kay will check with lawn mower volunteers to get it looked at.
  • Jeff reported that a member asked if we could plant a second olive tree. The board needs to check on TSBVI rules regarding tree planting. Kay volunteered to research olive tree requirements.
  • The board voted to keep Janet Adams as compost coordinator.
  • Plot Report:
    • 48 gardeners are on the waiting list.
    • One new gardener's plot has had nothing done to it. Kay will contact once more to see if they intend to garden.
    • Zone Coordinators will look at out of compliance plots. New gardeners who pay by the season will not be allowed to renew. We need to let these gardeners know before the end of July.
    • Jeff brought up the topic of all-gardener communication. When are direct emails more appropriate than emails sent through Zone Coordinators?
  • Education Committee Report:
    • Elizabeth Breston is working on a cookbook blog for the garden as a community building activity. The cookbook will be organized around seasonal produce.
    • The committee is working on designing signs to place around the garden - welcome, chicken coop, tool shed. Michael will send Shannon information on the sign company we've used in the past.
    • An evening class on bats is being planned for July. It will be led by Shannon's husband.
    • An August (tentative) class with a soil scientist is being planned.
    • Elizabeth will conduct a class on creating stepping stones.
    • The committee is looking at creating a welcome committee for new gardeners to help integrate newcomers.

Next board meeting: July 14, 2015, 6:00 pm at the trailer

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