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All Gardner's Meeting December 5, 2015

Proposed Site Rules Revisions:

Amendment 1:

  • Amend Amendment 1.1 by amending Paragraph 1.a to read:
    • 1. Membership Fees
      • a. Annual membership fees are as follows:
        Full Plot:$90.00
        Half Plot:$45.00
        Quarter Plot: $35.00
        Initial fees for new gardeners are payable on a seasonal basis at one-half the annual fee plus up to a $5.00 administrative fee. Renewal fees are to be paid annually by February 1. The treasurer may permit payment in installments when appropriate to a gardener's specific circumstances.
  • 1.2. Amend SECTION I.A.2.b to read:
    • 2. Initial Plot Assignment Fees
      • b. Tool Co-op Fee: $20.00. This is a non-refundable charge except for new gardeners who withdraw within 30 days.
  • 1.3. Amend SECTION I.A.3 to read:
    • 3. Withdrawal from Garden If a member voluntarily withdraws from the garden and wishes a return of the clean-up fee, a Withdrawal Form must be completed and submitted to a Board member, and the plot must be cleared and left in good condition for reassignment. These conditions must be met within the term of the member's contract.

      Refunds of the plot fee shall be made in accordance with the following schedule and is not contingent on clearing the plot:
      • 75% if gardener withdraws from garden before May 1 (3 months);
      • 50% if before Aug 1 (6 months);
      • and 25% if before Nov 1 (9 months).

Amendment 2:

  • Add a new Subsection 5. to SECTION I.A (Membership) which reads:
    • A. Membership
      • 5. Members who need to withdraw temporarily because of special circumstances may request to be put on waiting list and receive special priority in being assigned a plot when want to return to membership. The plot must be cleared and in good condition for reassignment.

Amendment 3:

  • Add a new, appropriately numbered Subsection to SECTION I (Plots) which reads:
    • I. PLOTS
      • __. GARDENER CONTACT INFORMATION Gardeners are responsible for maintaining their current email and physical address on file with Sunshine Gardens and are encouraged to use the change of address form on website.

Amendment 4:

  • Add a new, appropriately numbered Subsection to SECTION I (Plots) which reads:
    • I. PLOTS
      • __. GARDENER NOTIFICATION Any notice required by these rules may be sent by email to email address on file. Official notification of nonpayment of dues, plot non-compliance or other item relating to termination of membership may be given by email to address on file with a request that gardener acknowledge receipt within seven calendar days. If acknowledgement is not received, notice shall be resent by certified mail or regular mail with certificate of mailing to address on file.

Amendment 5:

  • Amend SECTION I.E by adding a new appropriately numbered Subsection which reads:
    • E. RULES
      • __. Plots may not encroach on paths identified and laid out as common paths by the board. Paths (other than common paths) between adjacent plots sharing a border shall be arranged by the gardeners of the two plots by mutual consent.

Amendment 6:

  • Add a new Subsection 8. to SECTION I.B which reads:
      • 8. For the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 seasons, the Board may pilot test options for addressing issues related to gardeners' failure to timely work or record some or all of their Service Hours. The options shall include assessment of a penalty for failure to timely work or record Service Hours. As part of the pilots, the Board may waive requirements relating to when Service Hours are worked or recorded. This subsection expires August 31, 2016

Michael Hall MOTIONS to vote by acclamation on proposed site rules as a package. 2nd by Ila Falvey. 52 in favor, no opposed, no abstaining. MOTION PASSED.

Meeting adjourned.

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