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Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of every month.

May 10, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Jeff Monks, Jim Williamson, Kay McMurry, Caroline Limaye, Shannon Posern, Katie Davis, Nicole Fisher

  • Proposed Site rule changes - Board decided to table until after the election to allow new board members to contribute to the discussion.
    • Seasonal gardener refunds need to be laid out clearly in the site rules. It should be the same percentage refund as annual gardener.
  • Financial report -
    • We are doing OK according to our budget. Rain has resulted in our water cost being down.
    • Annual IRS report 990 is due soon. We have had an extension in past and will look to having one this year to allow new board members to review. We will look at the process for changing our tax year so that it is not on the heels of voting in new board members.
    • New mower shed was part of 2015 budget. Shelf for mower shed can come out of tool budget for 2016.
    • Tool Budget - Do we want to get new mowers? Some are on their last legs. Tabled until after board election.
  • Plot report -
    • 61 on the waiting list. Want all different sizes.
    • 2 half plots possibly available.
  • Education Committee -
    • Tagging on to Sustainable Food Center's Tomato Canning class on June 11. Contact Shannon for more information.
  • New Projects -
    • Tree trimming -
      • $780 for the hackberry by the chicken coop to be removed. Tree is dying and has become a safety risk.
      • Estimate for taking hackberry limbs off the roof of the trailer was $300. Safety issue for gardeners to remove.
      • Jim will get another quote before the finale decision is made. Board policy is to get 2 quotes if cost is over $1000.
    • The board would like to create bins for leaves and wood chips in front the chimney swift house to encourage more to use.
  • TSBVI Arbor - The arbor will be complete this week. We will need to talk with Nicole about benches.
  • Other Issues -
    • Beehives - The beehives will be leaving the garden. We will not rush to replace the hives due to a safety risk. A few weeks ago we had an incident where the bees were agitated and stung gardeners and a resident of TSBVI waiting at the bus stop. If we do get a hive in the future, we will evaluate the location carefully.
    • Record keeping - We need to have a central place to store documents to allow us to give new board members access to adopted policies. The board will be collecting documents and reaching out to past board members. It would be ideal if the document storage was accessible and searchable online. Jim and Shannon will reach out to Sharon after the board elections.
    • We are working with Compost Peddlers to come up with a new contract that is more reflective of our current partnership.
      • The current contract includes their ability to take compost and not just drop off compostable materials. The board does not believe they have ever taken compost, and we do not have enough to share.
      • We would also like Compost Peddlers to put the spent water they use to clean their buckets back on the compost piles.
      • Compost Peddlers have asked for a space to house their bike, a 12x8 size shed.
        • A few board members are hesitant to allow a for profit to house their equipment on our site Argument to not allow a for profit to house their equipment on our site.
        • The majority of the board felt the arrangement is no different from companies that drop off leaves leafs, woodchips and compost.
        • Everyone agreed that TSBVI should be informed and have the last word on the contract.
    • Carol made a MOTION that the board should obtain more information on Compost peddlers scope of operation at SCG and the potential impact on the garden. After more information is received, the board will contact TSBVI for their approval. If an acceptable arrangement can be made with Compost Peddlers, SCG and TSBVI we would implement the new partnership. Jim second. 4 in favor, 1 Opposed. 1 abstaining. Vote PASSED.
    • Jeff will ask Compost peddlers to submit MOU to give us a better idea and move forward.
    • Stepping Stone Class - Ila reached out to the board about SCG hosting a class on creating mosaic stepping stones. The board will tell Ila that it is ok to proceed with planning the class. Funds are available for some of the class materials.
    • Membership contract needs to be consistent with site rules and should be updated.
    • Kay's updates to the Withdraw form were approved by the board with the notes given by Carol.
    • Tomato tasting - There has not been a date set, but the tasting will possibly happen in the middle of June. We will ask gardeners at the annual meeting if they have interest in having the tasting this year.
  • Annual meeting topics -
    • Give donation check to TSBVI.
    • Common Paths- Gardeners should work to keep clean common paths clean. Items should not be stored in common paths and gardeners should plant plants too closely that might spill into to. path and block movement.
    • Gardeners should not store SCG's tools at their plot.
    • Gardeners should make sure to lock the tool shed, trailer, and main gate at night. Looking for a volunteer that would be willing to double check each night.
    • Recognize special project volunteers.
    • Plant Sale Report
      • Recognize Michael for all his hard work.
    • Elections -
      • Introduction from candidates.
      • Secret ballot.
      • 5 days for absentee ballots. Online ballots will be available.
    • Service Hours due soon! June 30th.

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