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9/6/16 board meeting

Presiding Officer - Jeff Monks

Minutes recorded - Carol Limaye

Members Present - Jim Willmann, Lori Dobbin, Carol Limaye, and Randy Thompson

Others Present - Kay McMurry, Plot Rental Coordinator

  • Name - Jeff moved and Card seconded that all documents presented to the public reflect the assumed name of "Sunshine Community Gardens." The previous resolution of the Board to adopt the name "Sunshine Community Garden" is rescinded. Motion passed.
  • August 2016 Financial Report - The August 2016 Financial Report was presented by the Treasurer and accepted by the Board after some discussion. The garden is outperforming the budget to-date, mostly because the major special projects have not been done yet. Also, all the reimbursements for the national community gardens meeting have not been requested yet.
  • Plot Report - Kay McMurry, Plot Rental Coordinator, presented the plot report as of September 6, 2016. There are 65 people on the waiting list, and 2 or 3 plots available. All agreed that the zone coordinators should be notified when plots become vacant in their zones.
  • Plot Sizes - Jim Willmann stated that we will need a plan to address the issue of variance in plot sizes, and the goal of addressing this issue should be included. The Plot Renter Coordinator should be involved in these discussions.
  • Compost Peddlers - No further progress on question of agreement with Compost Peddlers. The principals are out of pocket. Randy Thompson will inform the Board of any developments. The primary pending question is the extent of customer requests for compost from Compost Peddlers. One of the principals has said that "no one has asked for compost in a year."
  • Picnic Tables - Robert Jarry will replace the wood, and tables will be shorter to make them lighter. Mr. Jarry will develop an estimate of the costs once the replacement materials are decided. The estimate will be sent to board members.
  • Setting up Forums - Resolved that if we have a forum, it will need policies and a moderator. The webmaster should not have to fill this role. The issue is delayed to the next meeting to gather more information and plan going forward. In the meantime, we are looking for one or two volunteer moderators.
  • Fall Compost Delivery - Jeff Monks moved to order a Fall delivery ASAP and Carol seconded. Motion passed. The amount to charge will be determined by cost of compost and delivery. The payments will be collected on a honor system, same as previous delivery. Board will create record of amounts delivered, timing and costs for the benefit of future boards. Specific logistics may be decided by Jeff based on weather and other considerations.
  • Fall Plant Sale - We have 3500 plants to sell. Specific logistics of location and other matters may be decided by plant sale coordinators based by weather and other considerations.
  • Ken Early - Board resolved to donate $100 to Mobile Loaves and Fishes. Other gardeners may also donate. Carol Limaye to ask Charlotte Jernigen to put article in Weeder to solicit donations. Donations must be received by September 30.
  • Spring Plant Sale - Randy Thompson, Jeff Monks and Carol Limaye to meet with Michael Hall, past Plant Sale Chairman, ASAP. Purpose of the meeting is to develop a list of tasks and volunteer coordinators needed. The key coordinators should be identified by the end of the month. Board decided to reserve a certain amount of plants for donation to schools and non-profits after the sale. Also, donation to TSBVI will be based on percentage of net, rather than the gross. Amount will not change significantly unless warranted by conditions. This will be put is place by a future board decision.
  • Site Rule Changes - Lori Dobbins moved and Jeff Monks seconded to adopt rule changes concerning encroachment on shared borders (new subdivision 1 of Section I.E), service hours for maintaining pathways other than common paths (amendment to Subdivision I.B.7), and plot compliance (amendment to Subsection 1 of Rule I.D to add a new Subdivision e). Motion passed. These rule changes will be presented to the members for ratification at All Gardener Meeting on September 17, 2016.

    Rule change concerning Secondary Gardener becoming Primary Gardener had been previously adopted by the Board, and will be presented to the members with a minor wording adjustment to change 'plot assignment coordinator" to "plot assignment coordinator."

    Regarding the Active Gardening Pilot, Carol Limaye moved and Jeff Monks seconded a motion to adopt rule change to add Section VII. Motion passed after friendly amendment to remove the last sentence concerning expiration of the section.

    Rule changes regarding refund policies, board waivers and the new gardener service hours are on hold to review wording of proposed changes. Rule change on board waivers should be adopted by December 2016 or taken off the table.

    The Board also decided not to proceed with the change to Rule I.D.d on Termination of Membership.

All Gardener Meeting September 17, 2016 - Jeff Monks will draft agenda and send it to board members by email.

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