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SCG All-Hands Meeting

March 2, Friday, 4:45


Board Meetings

Second Wednesday of every month.

02/08/2017 Board Meeting

Presiding Officer- Jeff Monks

Minutes recorded- Polly Porter

Members Present- Jim Willmann, Lori Dobbin, Carol Limaye, Randy Thompson and Bill Cason

Open Items / Future agenda items:

Old Business:

  • Jeff - TSBVI storage rule, status of cleanup.
  • Jeff- Front gate sign for emergency contact. Jeff has reached out to TSBVI security with no response
  • Jeff- Provide estimated costs for garden weather station.
  • Jeff- Coordinate brochure change suggestions.
  • Plant Sale
    • Randy- Discuss Master Gardeners table with Ila.
    • Jeff- Order compost.
    • Randy- find a tomato expert to take over when he leaves at 11 (day of sale).
    • Carol - will look for a way to get volunteers through local organizations- key club, Dell, etc.
    • Randy- Find volunteers to 1) manage vendors 2) man a table to hold plants for shoppers and answer garden questions 3) stand at the gate from 7- 8:30.
    • All- Should we require 2 hours of spring service hours to be related to the plant sale?
    • Should we look at an app to manage the silent auction? It will most likely increase sales.
  • Jim- Update on tool shed project.
  • Financials - Carol
    • Consider hiring a part time CPA that specializes in non-profits.
    • Put all previous financial reports in Evernote.
    • Prepare a simplified version of five-year plan options for all hands meeting in May.
  • ??- Add a sign in the bathrooms to not flush paper towels.

New Business:

  • Approved January and February meeting minutes.
  • Decide on what to do with Nancy's 2 open plots.
  • Should we have a new rule of no thorny plants (including roses).
  • Discuss a long-term plan to assist Kay on plot assignment role.

What do to with Nancy's 2 plots

  • Nancy is leaving the garden and has 2 full plots next to the driveway and 3 sides of common paths.
    • Nancy wants the Martha Gonzalez Rose bush. Jim will handle digging this up.
  • Suggestion 1:
    • Convert to garden area for gardeners who would like to continue to garden but who cannot manage all aspects of a regular plot due to age or health condition
    • How to determine who uses it:
      • Use the honor system to see who qualifies.
      • Advertise and see who is interested.
    • The only thing the gardener would have to do is plant.
    • Paths and borders would be maintained by volunteers.
    • Raised beds would be good for someone with back or balance problems.
    • If we do this, we should consider a single zone coordinator for these types of special plots that includes existing raised beds.
    • Cons
      • It is may be difficult to get volunteers to maintain the paths and borders. It takes time to maintain the weeds.
      • Most gardeners with these types of issues have worked it out on their own so they can garden.
  • Suggestion 2
    • Make it one full plot and 2 half plots.
  • For now, start cleaning the 2 plots and decide what to do in the next board meeting.

Plot Assignment role

  • Kay would like to continue to use her excel method for now. The database solution does not meet all her needs. Jeff will discuss with Sharon.
  • Kay will work with Bill to send the Excel document to Evernote weekly so we have a backup.
  • Issues with current system
    • All the knowledge resides with Kay.
    • The only way to see where someone is on the waiting list is to check with Kay.
    • It very time consuming.
  • Long term we should consider how to give Kay some relief.
    • Have a volunteer to assist.
    • Have someone shadow Kay to learn her system so Kay can take time off.

Plot Report

  • There are about 65 people on the waiting. This does not include people that signed up through the database.
  • There is a high demand for 1/4 or 1/2 plots.

Plant sale

  • Jeff is ordering compost.
  • We need 3 new tarps for compost. Bill will buy at Costco.
  • We will not use mushroom compost.
  • Boy Scouts can setup outside the garden for sales except for Dillo Dirt.
  • Need someone to sit at Sunshine information desk.
  • Need someone to stand at the gate from 7-8:30
  • Gabriel valley sent pictures of the peppers and they look good.
  • They are trying to make tomatoes shorter and stockier so they are planting later.
  • Everything is OK with cash management.
  • That are phone apps for silent auctions we might want to look at.


  • We are on target with budget
  • Mushroom compost sale / cost - 601.95. Sales to date - 587.50.
  • Dues Report
    • 3 new gardeners have not yet paid
    • 25 returning gardeners have not yet paid.

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