11/10/16 Board Meeting

Presiding Officer - Jeff Monks
Minutes recorded - Polly Porter
Members Present - Jim Willmann, Lori Dobbin, Carol Limaye, Randy Thompson and Bill Cason

Requests for waivers

  1. Lindsay Howell Miller
    Request - Waive additional hours because of new baby
    Vote - All in favor of waiving her additional hours
  2. PLAN (Planning living Assistance Network)
    Request a half plot and waive all fees
    The need for service hours will be evaluated over time based on capabilities of clients.
    Vote - All in favor of waiving all fees

Inactive Gardener Rules

Financial Report

Front Gate

Plot Reports

All Gardeners meeting and Pot Luck - 12/3 5:00 PM

Plant Sale Update

Plot Withdrawal Form

Secondary Gardeners inherit from primary gardeners

Storage rules

Follow-up Next Meeting