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Eggplants/Tomatillos - 2018

Note: This list is what we're hoping to have for the plant sale. Depending on factors such as germination rates and weather will determine the number of plants we will have.

Name Description
Black Beauty Classic big-fruited black eggplant is nearly 100 yrs old. Glossy fruits become quite large and well shaped. 80 days.
Fengyuan Purple Slim sixteen inch fruit are light lavender. Mild, sweet and tender with good yields. 65 days.
Ichiban Upright, slender purple, high yield oriental type. 8oz. 61 days.
Listada de Gandia Rich purple striping on creamy white skin. Teardrop to round shape with fruit that can grow to 6 inches long. Mild white flesh is delicious and sweet. 75 days.
Machiaw Pale lavender skin, 9-12" long. Mild tasting white flesh. 65 days.
Nadia Glossy dark purple-black skin and outstanding fruit and great production qualities. 70 days.
Pingtung Long Slender violet-purple eggplant 12" long. Excellent mild flavor and tender white flesh. Thrives and produce continuous harvests in summer heat and humidity. 65 days.
Prosperosa Tuscan heirloom. Round, deep violet fruit. Beautiful jewel-toned purple. Very productive. 73 days.
Rosa Bianca White with soft lavender streaks. White flesh, no bitterness. An Italian heirloom. 75 days.
Rosita Lavender-pink teardrop shape fruit with white shoulders. Sweet, mild flesh. 75 days.
Thai Long Green Heirloom from Thailand, very mild and sweet. 10-12" long, lime green. 85 days.
Violette di Firenze Violet fruits rimmed with white at the calyx. Large, heavy fruit is about five inches long and nearly as wide. Mild flesh and heavy crops. 85 days.
Tsakoniki Purple fruit with white streaks. Delicate, sweet flavor. From Leonidio, Greece. 75 days.
White Beauty White fruit with creamy, dense flesh. Sweet flavor. 5-6 inches long. 70 days.
Green Goddess Produces heavy yields of little 8" long by 2" wide light green eggplants. Mild and very delicious. Heavy yielding. 63 days.
Halep Karasi Dark purple-black Turkish variety. Fruits are elongated teardrops, often pointed with a pronounced curve at one end. Mild, never-bitter. 75 days.
Japanese Pickling Beautiful, glossy purple, long, slender Japanese variety. Produces fruit up to 16" long. White flesh that&aposs sweet and mellow tasting. 75 days.

Tomatillos - 2018

Name Description
Cisineros Incredibly large, productive. Apple-green with papery husk that splits open as fruit matures and turns yellow-green. Bright green stage for the tartest flavor. 75 days.
Plaza Latina Giant Green 3-4 inch fruit from seed originally saved from Plaza Latina Market in Eugene, Oregon. 80 days.
Purple Keepers Modern Landrace Landrace is a variety purposely maintained as a diverse gene pool to help it be more adaptive to harsh conditions. Medium size purple tomatillo that stores well. 70 days.
Grande Rio Verde Yields large, apple-green fruits. The mediumsized, determinate plants need no staking. Fruits reach 3-4 ounces. Yields are very high. 83 days.