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16 November 2017

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Tomorrow: Live KLRU FB Broadcast!

KLRU's program Decibel will be doing a live broadcast on Facebook about food insecurity in Austin on Nov 17 at 11 am. They would love to have lots of folks at the garden gardening, so If you're available please come out.

Upcoming Events

Special Weeding Assistance Requested ...

The Sunshine Community is looking for help with weeding and maintenance.

This weekend, there are two options to help the community and gather hours for the Green Binder:

This Saturday, November 18 from 9:00 to 11:00 am will be an organized workday organized by Zone 2 coordinator, Katy Davis and VP, Marilyn Landberg. Katy and Marilyn will be providing delicious breakfast muffins and thank all for making our gardens a beautiful place to visit and work!

This Sunday, November 19 from 10:30 to 12 pm is for those who like to weed. Ila Falvey is looking for assistance to weed and mulch the garden near the office trailer. If you want to help get this garden into shape, please take advantage of this activity to fulfill your service hours requirement! Thank you!

Freeze Prep

Although the weather currently says otherwise, we are likely to have a freeze in the coming month. It cannot hurt to start preparing! According to The Natural Gardener:

Protect tender plants during freezes. Use sheets, blankets, or specially-designed row cover. Construct a cold frame or a "hoop house." Mulch, mulch, mulch! Water well before a freeze (except for prickly pear cactus). Allow hardy perennials to freeze back, and do not prune them until late winter or early spring, if you can stand it. The dead structure of the plant helps to insulate and protect the living core of the plant, and is part of the winter landscape. In addition, any pruning can stimulate tender new growth, which would be susceptible to subsequent freezes.

Weeder Content

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