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15 February 2018

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Gardener's TODO List

Volunteer Signup for Spring Plant Sale

  1. Last chance to buy compost for $1/bucket! We need to clear the space for the sale.
  2. March 3rd is fast approaching, our annual plant sale, our sole fundraiser, our invitation to the public to visit our garden. It takes a lot of work to put on the event and we need everyone to help. Sign up at SignUp Genius.
  3. Come to the workdays on Saturday mornings, February 17th and 24th, to prepare the garden.
  4. Take care of your plot and the area around it as we are a showcase for community gardens.
  5. Most importantly tell your friends and your strangers about the sale using all of the means you have at your disposal. Where else can people find our diversity of organic vegetable starts, our herb selection, our passalongs, garden themed vendors, and compost all accompanied by music? You can also download a version of the poster/cards to distribute.
  6. There will be an All Gardener's Meeting on Friday, March 2, at 4:45 just prior to the plant sale for volunteers at 5PM. Please do not drive in for this sale: no parking in the garden after noon on March 2nd.
  7. For additional information about the sale, check with Janet Adams

Singing Sunshine's Work!

Sunshine's Steven Uecker talked about gardening with the Texas Health and Human Services Connection:

Ready for Climbers!

A big thank you to Jim Willmann, Gene Vandiver and all who helped add this new play space for children visiting Sunshine.

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